Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions. 


We hope that you find all the necessary information here, however, if you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions





  • How many students are attending group courses?


Our group courses allow no more than 4 students per session to ensure we can achieve the best results for the attendees.

We believe you can learn a lot more in small groups and achieve the best results. 



  • How do I arrange individual mentoring or workshop sessions? 


You can arrange all individual sessions by contacting us directly,

our Master Trainer will be able to advise you on upcoming dates and events.



  • I am not sure which course I should choose, what shall I do?


Please feel free to contact us directly and our Master Trainers will be happy to discuss your expectations

and present you with the ideally fitting courses to meet your needs and preferences.

They will guide you through the process and ensure you achieve the best results.



  • Can I become insured after attending one of your courses? 


All our courses are accredited which means that you will have no problems getting insurance.

We always strive for the best and keep our training up to date to make sure you get

the freshest knowledge and information on upcoming trends.



  • I can't afford to pay for the course, but would love to do it, what are my options?


You are in luck, we partnered up with a Payl8r platform which offers finance on all our training,

so the money does not have to be the thing that would stop you from starting a new career.



  • How can I apply for finance?


This is very simple, you can access our finance calculator here to check the terms of the finance,

once you are satisfied with the chosen term and installments, you can add the chosen course to your basket

and proceed to the checkout. In the checkout section, complete all the required personal data boxes

and choose the Payl8r option at the bottom of the checkout. This will transfer you to the Payl8r website

where you will be able to submit a very simple application and will usually get a response straight away.  



  • I don't live in Coventry but would like to attend a course with Mystique Lashes Academy, what can I do?


We have great news for you, from now you can attend virtual training with one of our Master Trainers

and soon we will have our bespoke courses available on a complete e-learning platform.

Please contact us to arrange your individual training session.