Create eyelashes that will enchant the world

Have you already had at least 6 months of eyelash extensions practice, and your clients are amazed by the precision of your individual lashes applications? Do you feel that your classic eyelash extensions treatments have become so close to your heart that it's time to raise the bar and enter a new stage of professionalism? Are you ready to go all-in?


We have created the Russian Volume Course for the ambitious, committed and demanding perfectionists. Here, we will teach you how to make your clients look irresistible, captivating and charming, all thanks to your work and perfectly formed fans of up to 6D.


We will teach you different techniques of creating fans, and you will choose which one will become your signature one in the world of professional lash artists. Thanks to our certified course, you will be able to perfectly match the eyelash extensions style to each type of beauty and needs of your clients.




Advanced technique

Let's talk about our advanced courses - a Russian Volume course to be precise. Here, you will learn how to make handmade, beautiful and fluffy fans of lashes and how to style eyes in the most extravagant way.


Let us take you on the lash journey where we take your skills to the next level and help you grow and develop.

Russian Volume Course

Starter Pack
Russian Volume Course
Invest in your future. You can afford it! Our Courses can be paid for in instalments - you can have the future you always wanted!



The course is divided into a theoretical part and a double practical part - a practice carried out on a training sponge and practice on a live model.




This course is dedicated to advanced stylists who want to expand their skills and widen knowledge.


As part of the course you will learn:


  • what is Russian Volume styling
  • history of the Russian Volume technique
  • how to achieve 2D-6D looks 
  • how to increase the adhesive strength depending on the fanning method
  • choosing the ideal glue
  • mixing different types of curls
  • practice making fans using 4 different techniques
  • testing different lash brands
  • practice with different tweezer styles
  • the remainder of the health and safety
  • choosing the right lashes for your clients
  • correcting styling issues
  • solving problematic situations within the application 
  • the opportunity for the Master Trainer to feedback on your previous work
  • and much more


Mystique Lashes training

Here are some of the benefits of attending a course with Mystique Lashes Training Academy.


  • All courses are Accredited
  • Courses are delivered by a Master Trainer
  • A bespoke starter kit is included
  • Discount on all Mystique Lashes products
  • Access to an Exclusive Facebook Student Group
  • Access to Exclusive Mystique Lashes Video Tutorials
  • Discount on liability insurance
  • Unlimited support after the course
  • Light lunch is provided
Mystique Lashes training