Privacy Policy


We treat data protection with the highest priority. You can use our website and information services without disclosing any personal data. If you, however, would like to use our services, then collecting your personal data may be necessary. We will then obtain your agreement per transaction. 


All data that we will need to collect about you - e.g name, address, telephone number or email address will be in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR and any other data protection regulations. Below we explain why we may collect personal data and the process involved in doing so. We will also state your rights to which you are entitled.


We have implemented thorough technical and work organisation measures to ensure all data processed through our website is protected. With this being said, unfortunately, transactions happening on the Internet may flag security gaps and can never be completely protected.


We act as the controller of the GDPR


Controller for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection laws and regulations is:
















We use cookies, which means the internet browser stores text files containing information. Many websites and internet servers use cookies. Those systems collect data from your internet browsers. The way we use cookies is to provide you with a much more user-friendly experience. 

Cookies allow our website to differentiate between users, which then improves their experience of our website. If you for any reason miss placing an order, but you have added items to the basket, the cookies will allow the website to retain the list of items added, for the ease of ordering. 


At any point, you can decide not to use cookies, by choosing this setting in the Internet options and denying the use of cookies. You can also delete cookies in your Internet browser. If you decide to switch the cookies off, some parts of our website may not be working correctly.


Collection of general data and information


Our website collects general data and information when you connect with the website. This is stored in the server log. The information collected may include the type of browser used, operating system, redirecting website to our website, the time and date of access,  an IP address - Internet protocol address Internet provider.

We use this information to ensure our website’s content is correctly addressed and prepared for the right audience, optimising all users' experience and compiling advertisements, providing the law enforcement agencies information that prevents cyber-crime. All data is analysed anonymously.


Rights of the data subject


a) Right of knowledge


Everyone has the right to enquire whether or not we collect data on them. If at any point you would like us not to process your personal data, you can contact any of our staff.


b) Right of access


Everyone is able to access all personal data stored by us and obtain a copy at any time. You can at any time enquire as to why we process your data, what data we collect, who this data may be disclosed to, how long the data will be stored, to cease to collect the data and destroy any data collected. 


c) Right to rectification


Everyone has the right to amend and rectify inaccurate personal data about them. If you wish to rectify any information we store about you, please contact our member of staff.


 d) Right to erasure 


Everyone has the right to erase of all personal data concerning them. 

If you wish to erase all data we hold about you, please contact our member of staff. 


e) Right of restriction of processing


Everyone has the right to limit the processing of their data. If you do not wish to erase the data we hold about you, but would like to limit its use, please contact our member of staff.


f) Right to data portability


Everyone has the right to move their information to another Controller, without delay. You can have all the data moved directly from one controller to another, where technically and ethically possible. If you would like to move the data we hold about you, please speak to our members of staff.


g) Right to object

Everyone has the right to object to us using their personal data at any point. This will be completed unless there are any legal claims pending. If any of the data is used for marketing you have the right to object to this at any time. If you would like to object to any way we use your personal data, please speak to our member of staff.


h) Automated individual decision-making

Everyone has the right to not allow their personal data to be used in automated processing, including profiling. If you would like to not be a part of profiling, please speak to our member of staff.


i) Right to withdraw data protection consent

Everyone has the right of withdrawing their previous permission to the processing of their data at any time. If you would like to withdraw from the data we collect about you, please speak to our members of staff.


Personal data erasure


We will only store your personal data as long as necessary according to any laws and legislation relating to our business.

After the set period of time, all personal data we hold about you will be routinely erased. Some documents and data may need to be stored for longer periods of time, for tax or contractual purposes. 


Payments: Paypal payments 


If you choose to use PayPal as your payment option to pay for any products or services on our website, we will automatically transfer your data to PayPal. By choosing to use PayPal as your preferred method of payment, you agree for us to transfer any data required to process your payment. You will be able to register with PayPal and share with them your personal data. 

Sharing data with PayPal is aimed at processing payments and preventing fraud. At any time you can choose to cease using PayPal and them using your data.


Contact via our website


You are able to contact us through our website contact form. You can also contact us directly through our company email address. We may store the data you provide us in order to contact you regarding your inquiry. We do not transfer any data to other companies.


Job applications


We will collect data from any job application for the purpose of processing the application. If the appointment is successful, the applicant’s personal data will be stored for employment purposes. Shall the appointment not be successful, all data will be erased.