Your bespoke way to success

Do you feel disappointed in the hastily conducted courses, where the trainer's attention was focused on several participants at once? Or maybe your many questions have been left unanswered? Do you have different doubts about eye styling techniques and eyelash extensions application? Or maybe you feel that your lash extensions practice is still missing something?


We created our bespoke mentoring just for you. If you need more time to explore certain issues and topics, we invite you here. We will give you as much attention as you need. It's all about making you feel as comfortable as possible in the role of a lash artist. We will fill in any gaps in knowledge, whether theoretical or practical. The topic of our session is entirely up to you. We will show you the way and teach you to trust your abilities and talents.



Find your mentor

Let's talk about mentoring sessions. Here, we concentrate on any issues with eyelash extensions or business that you may have. We address your concerns and design a path that you can take.


With the mentor's support and plan of action, you will see an amazing change in your problem areas and you will be able to change the daunting issues into a successful achievement. 


Course details
Invest in your future. You can afford it! Our Courses can be paid for in instalments - you can have the future you always wanted!



Mentoring sessions are hands-on training sessions to ensure we achieve the best results and practices in the shortest possible time. 


Mentoring sessions are student-led and based on individual consultation. We discuss any issues you may have and where you need assistance. We tackle all the problems during the troubleshooting part of this session. 


Some of the popular topics include:


  • working towards achieving the Golden Eight requirements set out in bespoke Mystique Lashes Perfect Application guidelines
  • lacking knowledge after previous training
  • no confidence in working with clients
  • improving knowledge in bespoke training
  • feedback on recent work and plan of action
  • preparation for competitions