Practice for those who want more

The workshops created by Mystique Lashes Academy focus on three main areas of development - the technique of correct eyelash application, creating perfect fans and styling the eye. During our workshops, we focus only on you, because we believe that working on an individual basis here brings the best results. Our goal is to improve your technique as much as possible in a short period of time. In a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, we will discuss topics that you choose and bring your lash game to the next level. 


Our correct technique workshop focuses on improving any issues with application or the overall look of the eyelash extensions sets. Eye styling workshop includes the study of different eye styles and how best to achieve amazing looks for your clients. Last but not least, the perfect fan workshop goes deep into the different fan making techniques, you get an opportunity to work on different lash styles, brands and also different tweezers, giving you a full experience.




Perfecting technique

Let's talk workshops, here we have three options: styling, correct technique and fan sessions. All workshops are held in small groups for your comfort of learning. 


Whether you're looking to improve your technique of working with lashes, practice fan making for Russian Volume sets or concentrate on eye styling methods, we have you covered. 



Course details
Invest in your future. You can afford it! Our Courses can be paid for in instalments - you can have the future you always wanted!



Workshops are hands-on training sessions to ensure we maximise the achieved student's results. 

Depending on the chosen type of workshops you will discuss topics:


Perfect fan workshop:

  • fan making using 4 different techniques
  • trying out different lashes and tweezers
  • feedback on portfolio
  • troubleshooting


Styling like a boss workshop:

  • introducing an exclusive Mystique Lashes styling programme
  • exploring different eye styling methods
  • discussing new curls and trends
  • mixing curls and working on rows
  • troubleshooting


Correct technique workshop:

  • feedback on portfolio
  • assessing areas of development
  • lash application on a live model with the mentor 
  • action plan on improvements 
  • troubleshooting